What happens when you don’t take what you wear to a job interview seriously? Let’s find out…

One hopeful entrepreneur was fresh out of college looking for his first REAL adult job. He had a promising virtual interview lined up for a dream position with an amazing small family business. In order to put his best foot forward, he prepared a list of potential questions and answers to those questions. The only problem was that he had focused so heavily on preparing for the questions that he completely forgot about a very important part of an interview. What he was going to wear!

He incorrectly thought, “It’s a virtual interview with a small-family company, it’s probably not that important to dress up for them.” This would prove to be costly for him. 

When it came to the interview itself, he had answered the questions with the most eloquent answers, and yet here he was on Zoom in a plain white shirt, tucked into his bed. 

They ended the interview and the entrepreneur was convinced that he was a shoe-in for the job. They practically offered him the job on the spot. Four hours later, they called him back and said they were rescinding the job offer to him for a few reasons. One of the major reasons was that they felt disrespected by his outfit. Despite the fact that they were an informal and family-owned business, they felt an aura of arrogance from the entrepreneur that they didn’t deserve him putting on his best professional outfit for an interview. If he wouldn’t take his appearance seriously, would he take the job seriously? And just like that…the job offer was gone.

When there are many candidates applying to a job, even if you have the experience, things like what you wear can make the difference on whether you are employed or not.

The fact is, you need to treat a virtual interview with the same respect that you would for an in-person interview!  So, here are some tips to put your best foot forward in your outfit:

    1. Get a tailored suit or blouse – A well-tailored suit, statement dress or blouse is an essential in any person’s wardrobe. Department stores usually have affordable options, so don’t feel like you have to spend an arm and a leg to look your best.
    2. Good Fit = CONFIDENCE – If you don’t have an outfit that makes you feel especially confident when you wear it,  get one! When you wear something that fits your body and makes you look nice, you’ll feel confident, which will come out in your answers to an interviewer’s questions. 
    3. Virtual Interview = In Person Interview – Many companies are opting for virtual interviews these days. Find a quiet room and dress in your best professional outfit. 

Now go out and land your dream job!

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