I always get a kick out of people who see others succeeding and say “They are just lucky”. I then remember this quote from Roman philosopher Seneca that said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

Preparation is the act of planning, training, and studying with a goal in mind. Dressing up before a date, learning your lines for a play, or Bootcamp for soldiers are all forms of preparation.

Opportunities are circumstances that allow you to do something you want to do. Going on vacation to Hawaii, meeting your favorite musician, or getting your dream job are all opportunities. 

So, are you expecting your favorite musician to knock on your door? Can you go to Hawaii without preparing financially to do so? Will you land your dream job just by walking into a room with a smile on your face? Now that would be lucky!

When someone gets a job, I don’t believe they were “lucky”. They went into the interview prepared for the opportunity. 

There’s nothing that breeds more personal confidence when attempting to make a sale than relentless preparation. Preparing yourself for as many “What ifs” as possible is the best way to go. 

Author Jillian Rollins said, “Many people long for the opportunity, but are caught unprepared when it comes.”  

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time” 

“I just wasn’t ready”

“I needed more time.”

These are all excuses! Ultimately, the opportunity will leave those behind who cannot recognize it or who are unprepared when it comes to calling. 

Are you ready for your desired opportunities? What are you doing today that is preparing you to properly meet those opportunities once they present themselves? 

I put in the time, effort, and work to be prepared at my own company and thus I am always ready… Are you? 

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