Way back in the 1980s, I was fortunate enough to start my logistics career at the biggest and baddest logistics company in the country. At the time, they were doing about a billion dollars in sales, had 50 offices scattered across the country, and the Boston office (which is where I worked) was the number one producing office out of all 50. Also, the top salesman in the entire company was my boss – Talk about luck! So, how was I going to be successful there? On the very first day, he looked me in the eyes and said, “Mike, I’m going to show you the process that’s going to make you successful, but if you don’t like the way I teach you, there are three windows and two doors…pick your exit.” – Pretty harsh right? I wasn’t sure how to act the first day, but I thought, “This guy’s pretty successful and I think I could learn something from him.” 

Over the course of my career there, he taught me a sales process that would define my entire logistics career. Eventually, I started my own company, and within the first six months in business, I did $800,000 in sales. The next year I did $7 Million in sales and by the second year I did $21 Million in sales. You read that right. I built a $21 million-dollar company in less than two and a half years, deploying a proven process that was successful.

So, how do you have the same success? My suggestion is to pick the top salesman in your industry and find out what their process is…and emulate it.

The Center for Sales Strategy, Inc. says that many great sales managers tell their salespeople, “You have to just get in the car and drive.” Sometimes, it is necessary for salespeople to act their way to the right-thinking rather than to think their way to the correct action. This is because most experience what’s called “paralysis by analysis.” Dig in your heels and commit to a proven process. If you’re experiencing a slump right now in sales, pick yourself up, find the top salesperson in your company or industry, and find out what they are doing. Emulate their process, and deploy it! You must commit to that process, not just the outcome because the outcome will take care of itself. I am telling you it works because I am living proof.  Try it, you’ll be glad you did. 

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