In today’s world, everyone wants the high margin deals, and the transactions that are easy to handle, but nobody wants the “hard sell”.

In the freight world, people say “I want the easy loads to cover from Boston to Chicago.”, but when it comes to the harder freight, people shy away. Most say, “Well, I’m not going to make a lot on that deal with that customer, so I’m not really interested.” This is especially true when dealing with a high-volume client. 

Years ago, I had a client that shipped freight from Dayton, Ohio to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Essentially, it was a short haul going in the wrong direction. Nobody wanted the freight because it was a pain in the neck, but more importantly, it was a pain in my client’s neck. He was dreading getting those loads on a weekly basis, so here’s what I did: 

I called him up and said, “Jim, that pain in your neck freight? I’ll handle it under one condition. If I can do a good job handling your ‘problem’ freight, I want your good freight as a reward.” Guess what? IT WORKED! 

I eventually became this client’s top supplier because I was handling his major pain point. Let’s face it, everyone wants the easy sell, but nobody wants the “hard sell”. If you have a client that can be a repetitive buyer from you, go after the “hard sell” that nobody wants.

Eliminate that major pain point first, then the easier deals will fall into your lap!

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