The easiest sell you will ever make is selling a new product/service to an existing client. After all, they have previous experience dealing with you, and already know the quality of product/service that they can expect from you. 

But what happens when you don’t have a new product/service to offer your clients? 

Your next easiest sell is with inactive or dormant clients. 

Early in my career, I worked for Al Steele who was one of the best deal makers in the freight brokerage industry. In order to make a name for myself and impress Al, I need to land some business. One day, Al gave me some old dormant accounts and said, “Go make something happen!” My first thought was, “Hey, I just got some new accounts!”

I reached out to those neglected accounts and turned them into the highest margin per transaction accounts in the entire company. How? Because I was persistent. Here’s how it worked:

I called up a potential client in Orlando, Florida and they gave me the old “I’ll call you when I need you” rejection speech. I responded by calling him every single day for 45 days straight. Seriously! After a few days of hearing the same rejection over and over, I started to have fun with it. I began saying, “Morning Joe! Just calling to get my morning rejection call.” On the 45th day, I got some freight. Joe said, “Your persistence has paid off!”  I performed again and again, quickly turning into his main supplier. You see, persistence wears down resistance. Be confident that you have the best solution for your clients.

My suggestion is to call up those dormant accounts. If they don’t respond, call them back again, and again, and again! Switch up the time of day you contact them, try emailing, LinkedIn messaging, or even find someone else in the organization to contact. 

Every company loses clients over time for a variety of reasons, so look for a persistent way to stay in front of disengaged clients. It can cost up to six to seven times what it would cost you to just reach out to a dormant client, so look in your own backyard first and be persistent!

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