Every workday, as soon as the clock strikes “5:01 PM” a shuffle in the office occurs. Your 9-5 employees pack up, the lights turn off, the doors are locked, and their workday is over. But something deep inside me wonders if they could’ve done more…

Back in the ‘80s, I was having a hard time adjusting to college and decided to drop out.  I am sure you can imagine that went over like a lead balloon with my parents. People were saying:  “You will never be a success without a college degree.”

How would I prove them wrong? I would outwork and outhustle EVERYONE.

In my first two jobs out of college, I was the one guy who didn’t have a degree, but I had something they didn’t have: THE HUNGER.

I wanted to prove everyone wrong so I worked long days, sometimes until 7:00 or 8:00 at night. I was on call at night and worked every Saturday while my friends were sitting by the pool. As a result of my hard work, over time, it resulted in greatness.

I started and grew a freight brokerage to $21 million in sales in 2.5 years. The second company I started, I reversed merged into a public company. The third company I have now is Top Talent LLC, which is one of the most influential recruiting firms in logistics and going on 13 years in business.

Over my 40-year career in logistics, I have guest lectured at colleges, been recognized as an entrepreneur of the year, and won a national blue-chip enterprise award for my company. It wasn’t by accident, but because I outworked and outhustled everyone else.

Everyone wants to be successful and get accolades, but not everyone is willing to work to be great. If you want to put in your hours, begin that “5:01 shuffle” for the door, and you are happy with that, then fine. You just can’t complain that you don’t have these things when you only put in the bare minimum and are on autopilot during your workday.

That’s because there are many people looking to work harder than you and hustle. That same person will also have a better chance to get those nice cars, nice vacations, and nice houses in the end. My question to you is, “If you really want those ‘nice’ things in life, can you really afford to participate in the 5:01 shuffle?”

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– Michael Monson
President and CEO
Top Talent LLC
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