Your signature is a powerful thing! It binds you to contracts. It can make a worthless check turn into money. An athlete can put it on a football and increase its value a hundredfold. A judge can control someone’s entire future with a stroke of a pen. But did you ever consider looking at the signature on your life?

You know, years ago back in high school, my dad asked me to clean our big black kettle Weber grill. So, I took the grill out to the hose, washed it down, scrubbed it, brought it back, and said, “Okay I’m done”. My dad looked at it and said, “Hey, you missed a few spots.” I said, “I missed a few spots?” He said, “Yeah look right there”. So, I grabbed the grill and brought it back to the hose and sprayed it down some more, soaped it up, scrubbed it, brought it back, and said “Okay, I’m done”. He looked at it and said, “Is that the best you can do?” I said, “Uhm yeah, that’s the best I can do”. He said, “Nope, you’ve got to do better”. So, I took the grill back out a third time and washed it even more, scrubbed it, polished it, and made it look brand new. Then, with more determination than ever, I pushed in front of him, knowing he could not challenge me anymore. My dad looked at it and said “Now, that is clean, but I have a question for you, why didn’t you do that the first time?”

Whenever you are doing work, you are putting your signature on it. You see, everything we do has our signature on it – the way we act in public and in private, the effort that we give at the office, the relationships that we hold dear, we are signing our name in every instance in saying “THIS is the best I can do”.

What About You?

So, what does your signature look like? Are you truly giving your best when it comes to your personal life? Your professional life? Your spiritual life? What do you want to be known for? It is critically important that you answer that question because it will carry your signature. So maybe it is time for some changes- live a signature life you will be glad you did.

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– Michael Monson
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