Having trouble getting the “top” out of your sales team in the first 90 days? It may be your onboarding!

Confidently hire new Sales Executives with our template specifically designed for getting the most out of your Logistics salesforce!

This onboarding template for Logistics Sales is specifically tailored to help any Transportation company create a roadmap for success with their new hires in Sales. Take the guesswork out of onboarding as we give you a template with:

  • Human Resource jargon pre-filled out for you
  • 30-60-90-day plan template
  • 90-day calendar template with key training and personnel meetings
  • Expectations and explanations of your company’s key policies
  • Printable dashboard new hires can use to track daily activities

After reviewing our template, we’d love to hear what your company does to ensure success with your new hires! Feel free to share your thoughts directly with our CEO on Linkedin Michael Monson or by email Michael@toptalentllc.com. Thanks!