No matter what size or amount of success your company has, chances are that your company has had to deal with some difficulty when it comes to staffing in recent years. This is mostly due to the shift to a “candidate-driven” market. There are more open positions than candidates willing to make a change. So what can companies do? You need quality candidates in order for your organizational machine to run!

Today, we talk about three common hurdles in hiring and how your organization can overcome them.

1. Increase in Remote Jobs

Since 2020, many of us had the experience of working from home due to COVID-19. This opened up the eyes of many to want to continue this “work-from-home” even when many were returning to offices or switching to a hybrid model. Companies started responding to this demand by offering even more remote and hybrid opportunities.

What this means for your company is that your competition has increased significantly. You aren’t just competing with other companies in your city anymore. Many companies are going to be looking for the same position that you are but allow their candidates to work remotely. Your response to this has to be to stand out from the crowd at a national level.  Can you improve your benefits, culture, or offer other perks? What can you do stand out not only from local companies but other companies offering remote and hybrid opportunities?

2. Slow Hiring Process

With some companies, all it takes is one to two interviews to know if the candidate is right for the position. If you have a rock-solid process, that’s all you will need. Where some companies fail is when they have multiple hiring authorities on top of multiple interview stages all the while taking days before they get back to their prospective candidates to update them on how they are progressing. Candidates care about open communication and speed. Expedite your hiring process in any way you can by taking out unnecessary stages and communicating often with those candidates who are in your hiring pipeline.

3. Deal Hunting for Candidates

The cost of living is increasing which means people need more money to live what they deem is their standard of life. When the race is as tight as it is, the last thing you want is a candidate to pick another company because they were willing to offer better benefits or $5,000 dollars more than you were. Be prepared to pay up for talent.

You might want to find someone on the lower end of your salary range in pursuit of a good deal, but hiring the right fit, regardless of cost, is always the way to go. That person who was affordable at the time now has to be fired and you wasted months of investment and training on them. Now you are out a couple thousand dollars and have to re-do the hiring process (however long that takes) and then you have to re-train another person. Do your best to avoid this hiring deja-vu moment!

Also, don’t forget about benefits. Come up with the best benefits package that your company can. Some examples could be unlimited PTO, 401(k) match, car allowance, phone allowance, or a free gym membership. Hiring is a game of inches and adding one of these bonuses to your benefits package could sway a solid candidate in your direction!

With these three facts about the hiring market in play, hiring in this market is hard, but not impossible. Be aware of these common hurdles that trip up most companies, and then follow our tips that will land you some high-quality candidates in no time!

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