Trying to figure out if a job opportunity is right for you can be a challenging and gray process. I once knew a candidate who sat in a conference room for five hours for his job interview. Some might think that means that the interview went well, but it was actually telling of the opposite. Not once during this marathon interview process was he offered food or even water. Oof.

The candidate saw this as a bad culture fit and ended up passing on the opportunity. As long as the employment market remains in favor of the candidate, candidates will and should be on the lookout for little signs just like in the above example.

So what are some other common things to look out for and consider when evaluating a job opportunity?

Let’s find out!

Position History

One of the first things you should look at is the history of the position you are applying for. Is this a new position created out of growth? Is it a position created to replace someone who left? If you come to find out that people don’t stay in this role very long, then something could be off and is worth investigating further.

Meet the Team

Most companies want to see if there is a culture fit so it works out for both parties. If you get deep into the interview process and you haven’t met any of your potential team members, you have to ask yourself, “why?”

Also, beware of companies that try to shove you in the door too quickly. Companies have to be fast in order to get quality candidates, but if things seem to be going too fast, it may be a sign that it is a “churn and burn” environment that is looking for quantity over quality. These companies are going to try and throw as many candidates up against the wall and keep whoever sticks. Avoid these companies!

Unhappy or Sad Employees

If you meet the team and most of them seem disinterested or sad about working there, take note of that. Also, make sure you really do connect with whoever your boss is going to be. People don’t go to work for companies, they go to work for people.

A good way to research the mood and vibe of the current culture before an interview is to message some of the employees on Linkedin and ask for their opinion on the company. If it’s a bad place to work, people will come right out and say it. This could save you a lot of headaches.

Unclear Expectations

If you are hearing different things about what the expectations are for your role, feel free to ask for clarity. If the interviewer seems to continue to beat around the bush, feel free to turn these job opportunities down. The last thing you want is to think you are going in there to do marketing and then you are having to do human resources, accounting, and having to pick up the CEO’s kid from daycare. Wearing several hats isn’t for everyone, especially when it comes to you as a surprise.

Abnormally High Salary 

If the base salary seems abnormally high for the position you are applying for it’s okay to be skeptical. Websites like can give you an idea of what the average salary is for the position in the marketing you are looking at. Higher than normal salaries can be a sign of added responsibility or it could also be the company’s way of competing for candidates in a competitive market. Don’t use this as an end-all-be-all sign, but use it in conjunction with the rest of the signs.

With these five signs, you will now be more than capable to weed out the bad job opportunities and find the next job of your dreams!

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