Congratulations! You have an interview! Now is the time to put your best foot forward. For those of you who are rusty this article is for you. Here is how to prep for a first interview and make that first impression count:

The Goal of a First Interview

From the employer’s perspective, they created this opening to solve a business problem. The solution could be you if you are able to communicate your talents effectively to the interviewer. Know how your experience, skills, and credentials can solve the company’s problem.

Research the Company

Do your due diligence and research your potential employer. Learn about the company’s products, services, organizational structure, customers, competitors, culture, parent company, locations, sales/revenue, growth, etc. The more research you do the better you will be able to demonstrate how your credentials can be solutions to the company’s problem.

Know Your Answers

Know how to answer common interview questions. One of the most popular is “Tell me about yourself.” Your answer should be a 60-second introduction to your talents and accomplishments. Limit your answer to work-related topics only. This answer can speak volumes about how you view your skills, accomplishments, and career aspirations.

The next thing you should know is how to describe your most significant accomplishments as they relate to the position. How did you help your company expand internationally? How did your team bring three new products to market in 6 months?

Know who was involved, your involvement, the steps taken, the results, and the lessons learned. Know how to talk about your best successes and the lessons you learned from your failures. Hiring managers will greatly appreciate this.

Bring Questions

Don’t forget that an interview is not one-sided! They might think you are the best candidate in the world but you might not be the right fit from your perspective. One good question could sway you in either direction. Having questions also shows the interviewer that you really care about this position and have done your research. The ultimate goal of a first interview is to find out if it’s a good fit for you and give off the best first impression of the interviewer.

With these tips you’ll be well on your way to a second interview and hopefully getting hired at your dream job!

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