5 Recruiting Tips We Use While Headhunting Logistics Talent

Last week, our team members joined 400+ other individuals in the staffing industry in Dallas, Texas to attend the Sanford Rose Associates (SRA) annual conference. As we get back into the swing of things and continue to look for the best and brightest in the Logistics Industry, we thought that it would only be fair if we shared five recruiting tips we learned from this year’s SRA meeting as they can be just as helpful to you as they can for us.

Tip #1. Multi-Tasking Isn’t Real

In an era where we are always looking for a way to make things more efficient, the worst thing you can do is multi-task. When you have two tasks in front of you and you are constantly switching between the two, two things happen. Firstly, you are more likely to make mistakes. Secondly, your productivity dives on BOTH of your tasks. Instead of doing one thing excellently, you end up doing both of them at an average level and that’s not what we want at all right?

On top of that, if the “task” in front of you involves understanding or learning, there’s a good chance you will not get it the first time. In order for us to properly learn something, we need to focus, and that focus is diverted while multitasking.

Odds are, you are NOT in the 2.5% of people who can ACTUALLY multi-task, so do your best to avoid it. The best way to do that is our second tip.

Check out this article on what science has to say about multitasking (https://health.clevelandclinic.org/science-clear-multitasking-doesnt-work/)

Tip #2. Time Blocks Are Your Friend

The best way to increase productivity with whatever task is in front of you is to do it during its dedicated “time block.” Creating these “blocks” of time throughout your work day and week increases focus and eliminates distractions. You can also separate your “deeper” tasks like making a presentation from your “shallow” tasks like answering emails. If you know you are going to have less energy at the start of your day, maybe have your more “challenging” tasks later on in the day. Another tip is to save 2 PM to 4 PM for your most “creative” tasks as that is when your brain is naturally attuned to tasks like this.

Ultimately, make use of some form of a calendar even if you are someone who likes “spontaneity.” Even scheduled “open” times can let you be free in your personality while also staying focused!

Below is a decent example of someone who has created a time block in their calendar:

A great article on time-blocking: (https://todoist.com/productivity-methods/time-blocking)

What recruiting tips do you have when it comes to time management?

3. Good Data is Key

The average staffing firm has a database of 40,000 contacts. I think it’s safe to say that no one knows or can TRULY know 40,000 people at a deep and effective level whether personally or professionally. What we suggest is that no matter how big your database is for leads, it’s probably too big. It’s probably full of many incomplete profiles, people who are missing contact information, or people who are missing key details that could secure you a sale or more business.

This is your sign to go deeper with those you work with, not wider! Take a look at the data you have in your database and see how you can trim it. Having a person on staff whose sole job is data integrity is a fantastic idea. Updating profiles, getting contact information, researching companies, and filling out profiles in your ATS or CRM will do you wonders.

The next thing you know that database of 40,000 is now 10,000 detailed diamonds that will pay dividends for years to come. Quality over quantity wins the war in the long run! What recruiting tips do you have when it comes to data?

4. Metrics Matter as a Headhunter

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are either dearly beloved or dearly hated depending on what side of the fence you are on. The thing that most companies make the mistake of is keeping track of the wrong KPIs. In order to get the right KPIs in place, you need to know what your end result is that you want to track and work backward.

For us it’s placements, for you, it might be signing contracts or moving a certain amount of loads per month.

Sticking with us as an example, we have a certain amount of placements each recruiter must make per month. In order to make placements, we have data that shows X number of second interviews lead to Placements. We have another number that says that “X” number of first-time interviews lead to second-time interviews. We then work all the way back to things like calls, messages, emails, etc. that Recruiters have to complete in order to result in a placement.

Find the end result that you want to track performance and work backward!

5. More Recruiting Tips & Helpful Tools

There were a few programs that our team was shown during the conference that are relatively low cost and could lead to more sales and increased productivity. Check them out:

Text Expander – Save time by using shortcuts to cut + paste common templates, messages, responses, and phrases. They self-report saving 13 Hours a month per user and our Recruiters already love it. Text Expander offers a free trial too so take advantage of that and see if your team likes it!

Handwrytten – This program specializes in handwritten notes sent at mass and you can even throw in gift cards! In an age where things are increasingly digital, it can change the game when you send a potential lead or completed sale a handwritten note!

Call Logic – This is a great program if you have team members who need to make several calls per day. Call Logic is a dialing software that can automatically drop a canned voicemail, lessen the time between calls, and lead to more calls being made throughout the day. In a game of numbers, this is a no-brainer!

Hopefully, you were able to pick up some solid recruiting tips that you can put into practice in your own life. The whole team at Top Talent is excited for the rest of this year and can’t wait for 2023 when we will see all of our SRA friends once again!

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