The whole recruiting process can be a mystery. As a candidate, you wonder how you can best use a recruiter. How can you get their attention? Why don’t they call you back?

Today we answer your frequently asked questions (FAQs) about recruiters and the staffing industry as a whole.

1. What’s the difference between Recruiting and Staffing?

Many people think that Recruiting and Staffing is the same thing, but it’s not! The best way to explain the difference is that Recruiters find people for jobs, and those in staffing or employment agencies find jobs for people. Recruiting firms work with gainfully employed, full-time executives, like Top Talent does. Staffing firms primarily work with unemployed, freelance, part-time, short-term, or contract individuals.  focus on those who are unemployed, freelance, part-time, or contract or looking for contract work.

2. How can I at least get noticed by the “right” recruiters?

The “wrong” recruiters are those who don’t specialize in your industry or functional background.  If you specialize in logistics, use a recruiting firm that specializes in that. If a firm specializes in executives that are $100,000+ and you are looking for $75,000, look for another firm.

There are a variety of ways you can get noticed these days. When you are engaging with a recruiting firm always provide an up-to-date resume. When a recruiter calls you, be timely with your responses. Recruiting is a game of speed.

3. Why don’t I hear back from recruiters?

If you are trying to discover whether they received your résumé your call or e-mail is likely to be more annoying than helpful. Most firms will keep your information on file. It’s important to remember that sometimes no news is good news! Establishing what is to be expected from both you and your recruiting firm is key when getting started so no one gets upset or annoyed.

4. Should I be concerned about confidentiality when speaking with a recruiter?

If you are concerned about the reputation of the recruiter feel free to research their firm. Most reputable firms are members of either the National Association of Personnel Services or the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

Once you’ve vetted them yourself feel free, to be honest, and open about your accomplishments, your compensation, and your needs. Recruiters stay in business by respecting confidence.

5. How early in the process will a recruiter want to check references?

After talking with you and examining your qualifications for the job, a recruiter will decide whether to present you to the employer as a strong candidate for the open position. Before that presentation, most recruiters will want to check at least one reference for independent verification of your background and accomplishments. Later, if you stay in the game, a more extensive background check is probable. Keep in mind that U.S. law makes written consent required to run your background check.

At stage one a recruiter will contact your current employer. Just be prepared to volunteer the names of one or two people who have had some business relationship with you now or in the recent past.

6. What do I do when I know I’m qualified for the job, but the recruiter disagrees?

Professional recruiters always consider the “fit” between a potential candidate and the open position. In one scenario, your skills may be a close match, but the kinds of job experiences you have had may not. In some cases, it may even boil down to how much you presently earn, compared to what the new job can pay.

Nevertheless, if you believe a recruiter is overlooking some key personal attribute, don’t hesitate to “sell” the recruiter. In the end, the employer is paying the search firm to make those sorts of judgments. Just because you are not the best fit for a current position opening does not mean you won’t fit the next one.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how the recruiting process works in the staffing industry! Go out and get hired!

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