Growing up as a kid, my mother used to say,  “Ahh… Ye of little faith!” She’d say this phrase to me when things weren’t going my way in life and I never realized how important of a role that faith plays in being successful. 

Author Charlie “Tremendous” Jones got his nickname from calling everyone  “tremendous”. Jones said, “You will be the same person in five years, except for the people you meet and the books you will have read.”

I’d like to take this quote one step further by saying that “You can change who you are going to be in five years by changing just three things in your life.”

These three things are: 

  1. Pursuing greater knowledge
  2. Surrounding yourself with quality people
  3. Developing a form of faith (the most important one)

With all three, you can form a sense of control in your life.

One example of great faith comes from the process of growing a Chinese bamboo tree. It starts out as a small little nut and before this plant even breaks through the soil, the nut must be watered and fertilized every day for five years. EVERY DAY! If at any point either the watering or fertilizing stops, the tree will die in the ground. At the fifth year, the tree begins to make exponential growth and within the first six weeks, the tree can grow up to 90 feet. WOW! 

The question is, did it grow 90 feet in six weeks or five years?

The clear answer here is five years of watering, fertilizing, and faith from the farmer to make it happen. Faith in the process. Faith in the nut to grow slowly but surely. Faith in the outcome.

Seeds of greatness have been planted in you for years now! Continually water and fertilize those seeds in your relationships, in your pursuit for greater knowledge, and especially your faith.

Give yourself time to grow and watch yourself become the person you want to be! 

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