Many are familiar with the hit show Extreme Home Makeover. In less than seven days, the crew rebuilds an entire house. The results are always a sight to see. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an overhaul so significant that it changes the status quo for your business or department?

It’s more possible than you think! Here’s how:

Positive Change

Change can be a great thing when it’s calculated and purposeful. What are your current standard operating procedures in your department/organization?  Sometimes, practices are in place because no one has taken the time to evaluate alternatives.

using a key to open a vehicle door is a perfectly acceptable way to enter a car. Someone was creative and innovative enough to take something that worked well and make it even better by inventing keyless entry. Stay open to how things can become more effective or unique.

Here are some examples of organizations that have innovated through change:

Example 1: Life is Good
John and Bert Jacobs, the founders of Life is Good, have evolved to become a $100 million firm with over 250 employees.

The founders were so inundated by emails that it was impacting their productivity. They decided to try only being available by phone. As a result, John and Bert are able to address high-level questions and focus on the creative aspect of their business.

It’s easy to pull people into a minor issue via email, but with this policy in place, people will think twice before making a phone call that warrants a disruption.

Example 2:  TED
TED is one of the few organizations that make their employees have a two-week summer break.  Vacations aren’t new but when everyone leaves at the same time, productivity remains at a high level before AND after vacation.

Example 3: Netflix
The CEO of Netflix prides himself on making as few decisions as possible. He relies primarily on his team to lay the groundwork and line out details. Netflix admittedly has high turnover acknowledging that with great freedom comes its fair amount of mistakes. At the same time, the environment that is created is ripe for new ideas.

Example 4: Fitbit
Thirty of the Fortune 500 companies participate in Fitbit Wellness. This saves crucial bottom-line dollars in medical costs and reduces sick days. Fitbit Wellness uses the trackers as a motivator to participate in company-wide competitions. BP, for example, has a one-million-step challenge where employees who hit the mark over the course of a year are eligible for a more deductible health plan.

Part of the appeal? A huge budget is not required in order to create exciting incentives. Small rewards go a long way! Things like casual dress day, charitable donations, catered lunches, or scratch-off lotto tickets are all examples of great prizes for meeting KPIs and company-wide competitions.

How this Impacts You:
All of these examples are ways to get creative in your department or organization. Involve your staff in the idea generation process. Implement these tips and your organization will never look the same again!

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