Picture this: You’ve finally gathered up enough courage to walk into your boss’s office and hand them your resignation. Much to your surprise, rather than scream and yell,  they say, “I didn’t know you were unhappy.  Why didn’t you come to me sooner? “They then propose you a counteroffer that you accept.

Welcome to the decision that has more impact on your career than you think.

The great irony of counteroffers is they offer no possible gain, only loss! Statistically speaking, a whopping 80% of people who accepted a counteroffer were no longer with their company six months later. Accepting a counteroffer is what I like to call the  “Kiss of Death”!

Most people expect a significant change, but in reality, the same circumstances that made you to consider a change in the first place will most likely remain in place.  What’s even worse is that when promotion time comes around, your employer will remember your disloyalty. If times were to get tough and the company needs to lay off a few people, guess who is likely to be the first to go?

When you accept a counteroffer, you might as well paint a massive target on your back.  In many cases, you have just initialized the process of them searching for your replacement. They will then proceed to get rid of you on their own terms. Relationships around the office will start to strain and take a toll on you. The leadership now knows you are unhappy and your loyalty will ALWAYS be in question.  Do you not have a non-compete? Watch that suddenly show up. Have a high position in sales? Get ready for your employer monitor your sales calls or have your accounts passed on to others.

What’s the true shame in all this is that in order to get that raise you deserved, you needed to bring your resignation to your manager. Rather than pursuing a potentially better opportunity, you’ve fallen to the “Kiss of Death” in the counteroffer.

The reality is that you’ve burned your only escape bridge to a better opportunity somewhere else. In addition,  you will likely be among the 80% that are now out of a job within the next six months. Counteroffers are flattering, but you should view it as too little too late. Don’t fall prey to them because It’s most certainly the “Kiss of Death”!

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