The employment market has shifted to be candidate-driven over the last two years. Second interviews with top-tier candidates are no longer a guarantee. Your opportunity and company have got to be top-notch to make the candidate want to come back for round two. Today we learn how you can improve your odds of a second interview with a solid candidate.


Having a clear and engaging brand is key to attracting quality candidates. Is your website up-to-date? Are you active on social media? Great companies shoot themselves in the foot when a candidate goes to do their research online. Make sure you understand your mission statement and it’s clearly communicated from your logo to your website all the way down to your culture. When you get a good foundation of a solid brand, the house practically builds itself.

Understand Your Elevator Pitch

A candidate needs to understand what is unique about your organization, environment, and opportunity all within the first interview. If a candidate were to ask “Why your company?”, how would your employees respond? The “why your company” moment is an excellent opportunity for an employee to communicate the elevator pitch of the organization. Consider providing employees with an example of elevator pitches to be used in the interviewing process.

Go Mobile

The most popular day to search for jobs is Monday. It tapers off throughout the week before plummeting over the weekend. This means that candidates are looking for jobs while at work! Most people know their computer activity is being monitored so those job searches and background research are conducted on their mobile phones.

What’s unfortunate is that only 20% of Fortune 500 companies have a mobile-optimized career site according to a study by CareerBuilder. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile!

Showcase Your Culture

Even though some of us are completely remote and/or hybrid there is still a culture worth documenting. What does it look like to work for you? A great way to showcase the culture is by making a few videos to put on your website and YouTube. Film current employees in their element with b-roll footage and include a few testimonials of what it’s like to work for your company. Show what it’s like to work in the office and remotely. Give a comprehensive picture!

Clear up the Process

What is your process from a candidate’s application to accepting the offer? Is an automatic response sent to notify that the information has been received? If the candidate is interviewed and is no longer in consideration for the role, how is that communicated to the candidate? Set expectations and do not leave candidates in the dark.  Be clear about what your process is, when they can expect feedback, and how quickly a decision will be made. Take time to evaluate this with your internal hiring team. You will be glad you did.

With these tips, you are more than on your way to securing a second interview with that top-tier candidate!

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