So you are about to start your first week at your new job huh? Congrats!

But what if you mess up your first thirty days with your new boss? First impressions are everything, right?

Now the anxiety is starting to creep in, but don’t worry! We’ve got you! Here are seven tips to nail your first 30 days at your new job.

1. Observe. Anticipate. Capitalize!

Pay attention to your boss to see where they may need help, suggests Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, career expert and co-founder of Masthead Media. “If your boss has a meeting every Tuesday morning at 9 AM and you notice that they’re always late getting a coffee, volunteer to pick up their coffee that day. You’ll be amazed how much credit you can earn just by giving your boss what they need before they realize they need it.”

“By figuring out how your boss likes to operate, you establish trust early on. Every time you can anticipate a need, you’re decreasing your boss’ stress level and strengthening your relationship,” says Joe Ungemah, vice president of talent solutions at CEB.

Observe. Anticipate. Capitalize!

2. Save Your Boss Some Time

Try to understand what is in front of you first before you go to your boss with a million questions. Your boss doesn’t want to feel like they’re doing your work for you.

Many managers’ biggest complaints are that employees interrupt them all day popping into their office or asking questions via email. A lot of what you’re curious about can be figured out on your own or by asking someone else.

It’s only natural to have questions on how to do things or what is common practice, especially when you first start your new job. However, if you can, try to save all non-urgent questions for a scheduled meeting time.

3. “That’s Not My Job”

The words, “that’s not my job,” should never come out of your mouth. Some see it as preventing too much from being put on your plate, but your manager might see it another way. You could be viewed as rigid, inflexible, and not able to handle curveballs. So, any time a curveball is thrown at you, take it in stride.

After a month or two, your job description will naturally hone in, but for now, don’t turn down any opportunities put in front of you. There are exceptions to this rule where your work is heavily centered around deadlines, but just as with this, you need to see that there is gray here. Be flexible and open to things that are put in front of you. You might even get an opportunity to display your potential for advancement within your new company because you said, “Yes!”

4. Sit down. Be Humble.

Going from your routine at your old job to a foreign unexplored new one can be a humbling experience. Chances are you might not know what you are doing right out the gate. You probably don’t even know where the bathroom is yet! So at first, sit back, listen, and learn from your leaders.

The best thing you can do early on at your new job is to be curious. You have a lot to bring to the table but you also need to hear from the veterans on staff too. They’ve been in this environment longer than you and can provide the keys to expertly navigating these new waters.

6. Be Present (Virtually or in Person)

Regardless of whether you are on-site, hybrid, or remote, be visible in your first 30 days. Be early when you can, turn your camera on, and constantly communicate with your co-workers on intranet platforms if your company has one of those (ex: Slack, Ring Central, Microsoft Teams).

Be present, socially active, and get your face out there! The more that co-workers know that you are a “real” person, the easier it will be to navigate conflict and grow deeper relationships with them.

7. Find a Mentor

Don’t wait for everyone to introduce themselves to you. Take the initiative to meet your new colleagues, especially those who work for the same manager. These close proximity co-workers will help you get up-to-speed with any unwritten rules and the management style of your boss.

It also helps if you find an unofficial “mentor.” Find someone at the company who’s a veteran and thriving in their role. This new “mentor” can help you navigate corporate politics and help you advance in your career if you play your cards right.

Now that you have these seven tips at your disposal during your first thirty days, you’ll be well on your way to a great start at your new employer!

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