Spring is in the middle of the year so it can be easy to coast in your current job situation. What candidates often forget is that it is actually the best time to apply for jobs and find internships. Today, we cover tips for candidates to utilize in order to land a solid job this Spring!

Tip #1: Don’t schedule Friday interviews

If you tend to be someone who is busy on the weekends, Fridays can be a killer for momentum. Everything goes well with your interview and then both you and the company forget what you liked and hated about each other after you’ve played a round of TopGolf and went to Sunday brunch.

Your best bet on both sides is to schedule interviews sometime from Monday through Thursday. This way, there is still an opportunity for a follow-up interview if both sides find a mutual fit.

Tip #2: Long-Term > Short-Term

If you are looking for a short-term opportunity try to expand your vision a little bit. Most students and teachers are free for these “Spring or Summer-only” opportunities. If the company seems open to working on the weekends or seasonal help during the holidays, this can give you an edge if you mention that you are open to these options.  The longer-term you pitch yourself, the better of an investment you seem to a prospective employer.

Tip #3: Wear the Proper Attire 

Wearing sunglasses on the top of a person’s head and wearing shorts are absolute no-nos. Even though it’s going to be warmer out, you should present yourself as professionally as possible. Even if they tell you that the dress code is “casual” it’s always better to overdress than underdress. This shows a sign of respect for the person interviewing you and tells the hiring manager that you’re capable of dressing up when the job calls for it. And yes, this still applies to virtual interviews!

Tip #4: Be Patient

Even though the market may be in favor of the candidate that doesn’t mean that some companies might still be a little slower in getting back to you. This is one of those peak times where hiring managers might be taking some time off. Hopefully, they will let you know if there is going to be an abnormal delay in the hiring process, but keep your eyes peeled. It also doesn’t hurt to have your resume in at a few other opportunities just in case your favorite is moving at a snail’s pace.

Tip #5: Be Early

Candidates often don’t give themselves enough time to get to their virtual or in-person interviews. If the interview is virtual, make sure you’ve downloaded all the software you need, your computer or phone is plugged in/fully charged, and you are in a quiet, private space. If the interview is in-person, the last thing you need is to run into surprise traffic, show up late, and ruin your first impression. It’s best to be over-prepared than under so leave no stone unturned and plan as much as possible.

With these five tips, you will be well on your way to landing a job this Spring!

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